Artist on tumblr - @Caitlin Hackett is an illustrator and creature concept designer based out of Oakland CA.

I create work that reflects both my passion for the natural world, and my sorrow over its destruction. I am fascinated by the fragile boundary that separates humans from animals, and the way that boundary is transformed and illuminated in mythology, religious symbolism and fairy tales alike throughout different cultures around the world. I have art available for sale at www.caitlinhackett.storenvy.com


Top 10 Studio Ghibli Films (As Voted By My Followers)
#07: The Cat Returns

I’m actually considering pre-ordering dragon age inquisition

i’m pretty broke and should be careful with money but. damn i want that game






oh my god this is the best thing in the whole world

always reblog BEES!

This game’s gonna bee so good



The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, 2013

my main man

Reminder that in Japan that “Otaku” is on par with “dudebro” and “Brony” in the US. It is not a good thing at all.


becoming self aware of your breathing and blinking is the worst thing

I fucking hate this pain so much because going to the doctor was just “congrats you probably have ibs which we can’t do anything about” and i’m just here like okay. fuck. and slowly trying to figure out how to manage it so i can have a fucking life. Not going all that great thou it made me lose a potential job about a month ago

I remember when i had stomach pains every single day and did stuff like get used to just laying straight on my back in bed because every other possible position hurt too much

that was pretty fucked up. my pain tolerance got really fucked up back when i didn’t have medicine. Still get that kind of pain sometimes but just for like a day or two and i feel like i’m dying and i remember that i dealt with that every single day for months and didn’t really think too much about it at one point


Fruit Flies are nature’s way of saying, “Hey. You know what? You haven’t done dishes in a couple days and your sink is really kinda gross.”